About Us

Hi, my name is Daniel Hankerd, Founder and CEO of Southwestern Detail Oriented Information Technology, LLC (SWDOIT).  This company was founded in 2012 in response to my business customers requiring more organized and comprehensive IT services.  Whether you or your business require computer repair, server administration, backup systems management, networking, electronic security, remote assistance, top to bottom managed IT services, business technology optimization, or web-based application integration into your business infrastructure we have solutions and service plans available to meet your needs.

Mission Statement

It it the mission of SWDOIT to facilitate maximum uptime and usability of information systems so that our customers can focus on daily business operations.  We strive to manage the technologies that we support so that they can be simply and transparently used as the effective tools that they were meant to be.  We provide the guidance that you require to maintain stability and scalability as your business grows and changes.