Auditing & Consulting

Thorough mapping of your organization and its equipment allows us to determine the overall health and efficiency of the technologies that you use.

A consulting process designed to adhere to standard models when possible allows your technology needs to be identified, brought up to a standard, and maintained at the level that you need.

Training and support can be provided for any solution that we implement.

Auditing Types

A basic technology audit is the first step in finding a solution to your problem, providing a proper upgrade path, or properly managing an infrastructure. We make sure that we know the current state of your systems and provide you with useful information to make the best decisions.  Our company creates useful records and makes an attempt to keep them up to date so that you can have an overview of your infrastructure with as much or as little detail as necessary.  This process also expedites the service that you recieve from our company.

Verification of the identity, location, and functionality of every device on your network.  We locate cables, verify passwords, check network shares, identify network traffic, and verify the consistency and speed of communications.

Verification of security policy and rule enforcement.  We check routing devices and computer logs to identify any exploitation of your systems.

What is your backup policy?  Are your backup systems working?  If you are concerned about unauthorized modification of information, faulty software, faulty hardware, or even destruction of the entire building, we make sure that mission critical information is as safe as it needs to be.

What is your communications profile, what types of technologies do you use, how well do they work, and do they integrate with one another well inside and outside your company?

Consulting Types

Upgrade Assessment
Once we know the current state of your systems, we assess the needs of your organization taking into account budget and scalability requirements.  We can work with you to update your systems to currently available technologies and ensure that they operate according to your needs.

Organizations struggling with the reliability of their computers, network, or facing internal or external information barriers caused by software or hardware currently implemented can benefit from adhering to a standard model.   Your systems can be migrated to a supportable standard at a pace that you determine.  

Training Programs
Training can be designed to help individuals and organizations adjust and maximize the benefit of any solution that we provide.  When scheduled training seminars and remote support are not practical options, we can provide a help desk that works through issues as they become apparent and drafts valuable knowledge base articles that your organization can use without the need for outside intervention.