Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your business stores critical information such as operational, sales, service, financial, medical, or customer data used in the course of your business operations it is vitally important that you keep copies.  We support different backup systems to protect you from basic maintenance issues and prevent downtime as well as get your business back up and running as quickly as possible after a major disaster.  

Whether a machine has failed, a utility is out, or there's a problem with your place of business, we can help you plan to overcome any foreseeable risk and keep your information technology systems operational.

Disaster Risks

Power surges and outages are a frequent problem and can break electrical components.  Internet and voice service outages can be crippling when they happen.  Mechanical hard drives will usually fail predictably like any other mechanical part.  Information can be changed or deleted accidentally or maliciously.  Circuitry tends to fail over extended periods.  A fire, flood, or other problem at your business location can prevent you from conducting business if you don't have an emergency plan.  Other risks can apply depending on your location and business type.  Dependency on Information Technology can make you many times more efficient than you otherwise would be, however emergency considerations need to be made and maintenance needs to be performed regularly to ensure proper operation.

Backup Types

Electrical Fail-over
We can help you choose and service the best Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) to fit your needs, whether you need to keep a computer, server, network, phone system, or the whole building running for a power outage lasting a given amount of time.  These systems also provide superior surge protection.  Companies requiring continued smooth operation over the course of a prolonged blackout may benefit from a backup generator, photo-voltaic arrays, or fuel cells.  We can consult to ensure that you install the right system.

Network Fail-over
Internet access can be critical for some business operations.  If you require speed or constant connection to the internet we can outfit you with a firewall or routing device from Cisco systems, Smoothwall, or SonicWALL.  These systems not only provide enhanced security, select models allow you to load balance the power of multiple internet connections and automatically fail over to the working one during an outage.  Customers concerned about failure of the router or firewall can operate several devices in fail-over so that operations will run smoothly without immediate intervention.  Similar redundancy can be configured for telephone systems.

Local Data Redundancy
In order to increase speed, protect information from a disk failure, or maintain continued operation in the case of a disk failure a server can be set up with an appropriate RAID configuration.  This utilizes multiple disks to either increase speed or maintain copies of information and increases costs depending on how many disks are required.  It is also a good practice to include redundant power in a data server and connect it to a UPS so that it can continue operating when it has a hardware failure on any number of levels.  Volume Shadow Copy services (VSS) is available on recent versions of Windows Server and can use extra space on a disk to maintain periodic copies.  It is an excellent tool to protect against unauthorized modification or accidental deletion of data.

Local Backup
We can schedule a copy to an extra internal location, an external drive that you leave plugged in or plug it in on demand, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, or a removable device that you take home or put in a safe.  Storage Area Network (SAN) configurations are also supported.  A large storage device can store multiple versions of your data in case you need to review or retrieve an older version of your information.

Remote Backup 
Cloud storage locations can protect you even if you have a major disaster at your business location.  If you don't want your data stored in a cloud location, we can set up a stable off-site backup location for you.


Have us look after your backup systems after they are initially set up to ensure that they are running properly.  Backup locations can fill up or fail, software updates can require intervention, let us take care of it.  We can provide backup monitoring under our managed service plans.

Disaster Recovery

Many backup options exist to prevent an emergency situation, but what do you do when the worst happens?  If information goes missing, we can restore it quickly from a local copy.  If a server fails, we can provide a server as a temporary stopgap solution and restore your data onto it while you order a replacement.  If your place of business is somehow crippled, we can provide cloud services to allow you decentralized operation.  If your business has allowed us to plan for a situation and followed a backup plan, we can restore operations in a matter of minutes, hours, or days (depending on the amount of data that you have and the speed at which we can relocate it) when it otherwise would have taken weeks.

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