We maintain high standards for all of our networking services to minimize maintenance time, maximize speed and usability,  and ensure compliance with necessary security policies.

When working with outside contractors and providers we make an attempt to keep a common standard, maintain quality records, and provide the customer with all the resources necessary to track issues across their infrastructure.  

When possible we adhere to HIPAA guidelines even if HIPAA compliance is not required.


  • Physically locate and label cables and network devices
  • Speed assessment and certification
  • Logically organize network devices and ensure accessibility
  • Security assessment


  • network and internet bandwidth usage logging and analysis
  • website and local resource access logging, analysis and filtering

Firewalls and Virtual Private Networks

  • Organize and secure your infrastructure with security rules
  • Segment systems and restrict access
  • Allow secure access from remote locations

Intrusion Protection Systems

Set up notifications in case your security rules are broken.

Logical Layers

Cisco has defined a simple logical model which provides a very useful perspective for both security and administration.  Once a basic network reaches a size or complexity level that is difficult to manage, or has a need for greater security or connectivity we will apply this model to perform necessary upgrades and oversight.

Access Layer

This layer is made up of the computers, devices and switches that allow users connect to other resources.  Here we can manage every endpoint, create and control policy, and restrict access as needed.

Distribution Layer

Routing, filtering, and internet access are controlled here.  Computers and devices can be sorted into VLANs, outside access can be controlled, multiple networks can be joined according to specified rules.

Core Layer

Speed and network interconnect concerns are dealt with here.  This is the backbone of a communications infrastructure.

OSI Model

The standardized model which allows information to travel in an organized fashion.  This separates communications into 7 layers from physical connectivity on up.  We deal with all 7 layers and keep strict standards and organizational information, but for projects with a large scope we work with other organizations specializing in each layer.

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